Your reminder to take a break. (Artist edition)

The entire summer, I worked so hard to figure out the future of this business and my next steps while actively making changes to move forward and achieve those goals. I am not burnt out, but when this week started I knew I needed to take a break from drawing for everyone else, to draw for myself. To someone on the outside it may not seem like it, but at this point, I end up creating a lot more for this business than I do for myself; which isn’t bad, considering that it pushes me to be more consistent with creating content, and while I enjoy every bit of it, I realised that I also need to make time to create something without an agenda or with prior thought behind it. 

This particular afternoon, my mother was going for her doctor's appointment so I decided to tag along for the ride and sat in a nearby café. 

And folks, I can say with certainty that I had fun.

I tried a new coffee flavour (which was amazing by the way), created new Zentangle patterns,  and listened to my favourite music as an hour went by effortlessly. By the time my mother came back to pick me up again, I was filled with contentment and satisfaction with what I had just created.

More often than not, designs that I end up creating for myself, inspire me for more commercial designs too. So in this case, one can say that investing that time in themselves is the same as investing the time in your business.

If you are an artist that is trying to utilize their skills to be more commercial like me, don't forget to take breaks. 

This is your reminder :)

Until next time,