5 Tips to get you started in Drawing Mandalas

1. Understand the meaning:
when I first started drawing Mandalas, I had no clue about what it meant. So, when I started creating my own patterns and styles for Mandalas, my interest for them slowly started to fizzle out because I was having more art blocks than usual.
Part of the reason for this, I believe, was because of my limited knowledge about them.
So, I recommend you read a little bit about the art of drawing Mandalas before you start drawing them, if this is something you want to learn and grow seriously.
2. Be consistent:
This is a tip that you will probably hear from every artist, but it is one that has the biggest role in your improvement and success, and that is - to be consistent.
Being consistent doesn't mean you have to sit and draw for an hour everyday. It can also mean taking out just 15 minutes or 5 minutes of your time in a day, as long as it is CONSISTENT.
As an artist you unconsciously learn and improve your art every single day, however I feel that if this growth is not consistent, then it would add up to as much improvement.
3. Invest in the right Materials !!
This is a tip I wasn't sure of if i should add because Using the right materials is important, but not as urgent. Let me explain:
If you invest in Good quality materials, they will not only last you a long time but also give you good quality results. I also think, that when you're starting off and you invest money in good art supplies, you almost feel obligated to invest more time in using these art supplies since it starts to feel like a commitment, which can help you get in the habit of practicing art more often.
However, this isn't crucial step in your growth as an artist, since I personally started drawing Mandalas with whichever art supplies I could find laying around. Eventually I did end up investing in better art supplies, but that was a lot later when I decided I was committed to this.
4. Create your own patterns
Copying the work of other artists is okay when you're learning as long as they get the credit that they deserve. But after a point of time, you need to start developing your own patterns and styles in Mandalas.
When you first look at a Mandala, you may think that it is a very rigid art form which doesn't have enough room for experimentation. But, the more you look at and draw Mandalas, you will realize that, that's not really the case.
Every Mandala artist has their own style of drawing Mandalas, And if you want to grow as a Mandala artist, sooner or later you will have to start creating your own patterns and finding your own style.
5. Don't be afraid of using a grid lines or a pencil.
When people first started seeing my art, the first question they would ask me is 'Did you draw that straight with a pen?' or 'Did you use a compass to draw this?'. I'm sure none of them meant this negatively, but after hearing these questions, over and over again I started becoming conscious of using a pencil and compass to draw the rough drafts of my design, as if it were a bad thing. But is it really? No.
Using a compass and pencil for your design does not effect your credibility as an artist, in a negative way. Because I was conscious of this, I stopped using a compass and pencil to draw my designs for a long time, and this had a negative impact on the improvement in my artworks. This is because, I would repeat the same mistakes in Pen and start all over again, and slowly but surely started doubting my ability as an artist and became discouraged to draw.
I would highly recommend for any new artists out there, to not be influenced by any comments and don't be afraid to start learning.